Charmed Life

Had to do a little bit of laundry today. I make several trips to and from the laundromat as part of my laundry cycle: drop it in the washer, switch it to the dryer, and then take it home. Today, as I pulled out onto the road near the laundromat, I kept hitting some kind of rut in the road. On the last trip, I couldn’t turn onto the road because it was shut down, cordoned off by the police. This was to protect drivers from the massive crater that had suddenly appeared where that rut used to be. It looked like a meteor had smashed into the street. I must have missed driving over this thing by a few minutes.

One Comment on "Charmed Life"

  1. monica says:

    The Hellmouth is opening up by the laundramat? How odd…but I am very thankful you had good timing…And of course you have a charmed life, my dear. You’ve got places to go, things to do…;)

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