Achievement Unlocked

Sometimes I fall into that slough of self-examination where I feel as though I have accomplished nothing with my life. Or, when compared to Person X, I am found wanting. This often happens when I’m not currently working on a creative project, as they tend to define me and give me purpose.

So I think it might be helpful to recollect the things I have achieved. Not in a boastful, resting on my laurels sort of way. But to remind myself that I am the same person who did all of those things. Try it yourself when you are feeling somewhat less than.

Here are some of the things I have accomplished so far:

  1. Learned to program in BASIC when I was 8 years old
  2. Wrote a computer game when I was 10 and sold one copy
  3. Learned to ride a bike
  4. Learned to play the trombone
  5. Wrote and directed Welcome to the Real World during my senior year of high school
  6. Wrote and performed skits and monologues in front of hundreds of people
  7. Learned to drive a stick shift
  8. Was class Treasurer and class Chaplain
  9. Was a National Merit Scholar
  10. Read the entire Bible
  11. Graduated high school
  12. Won best supporting actor for my performance in Off Kennedy’s Yacht
  13. Won best playwright for All We See and Seem
  14. Helped make the short film K
  15. Wrote a thesis on Interactive Fiction
  16. Ran a massively multiplayer interactive fiction game as my senior writing project in college
  17. Saw Pink Floyd in concert
  18. Drove across the U.S. both East to West and North to South
  19. Learned how to build my own computer
  20. Filmed, directed and edited the documentary Goodbye, Hello
  21. Graduated college
  22. Survived six car accidents, unscathed
  23. Convinced someone to marry me
  24. Created presentations for the biggest company on earth
  25. Owned a house
  26. Survived a divorce
  27. Taught myself Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Poser, Illustrator, Premiere, and After Effects
  28. Won a short fiction contest with my story The Numbers Game
  29. Published a chapbook of poetry called Poem-Shaped Lies
  30. Solved Myst III without any hints
  31. Adapted The Warlock of Firetop Mountain into a module for Neverwinter Nights. It won a contest created by the publishers of the book. (The British) Steve Jackson played it and wrote me a letter of congratulations.
  32. Checked in to a mental institution
  33. Checked out of a mental institution
  34. Made love to beautiful women
  35. Stood naked on top of a volcano
  36. Adopted a pregnant cat
  37. Won a Telly award for my piece on the New Mexico Jazz Workshop
  38. Had a crisis of faith
  39. Learned how to break up with girls
  40. Dual-wielded .45mm pistols
  41. Published another chapbook of poetry called From the Ashes of Puppets
  42. Won a fiction contest with my story My Strychnine Valentine
  43. Sued the DEA and won
  44. Learned how to make friends in a new city
  45. Lived in at least 9 different cities
  46. Performed slam poetry in five major cities
  47. Created and published a board game called House of Whack
  48. Created a web comic called Dream Job
  49. Held my own with John Hodgman
  50. Was a guest columnist for Secure Immaturity
  51. Created and organized a film festival for women filmmakers called Something Real
  52. Learned how to practice authenticity and integrity
  53. Helped create a bumper for Fantastic Fest called Lollipop
  54. Created a board game and beer meetup called Boards ‘N Brews
  55. Performed improv comedy
  56. Had an existential crisis
  57. Beat Mischa in Wiz-War
  58. Published The Stork
  59. Filed my taxes in January
  60. Saw the last night launch of a space shuttle
  61. Designed hundreds of web sites
  62. Avoided ever breaking any bones in my body
  63. Have, at one time or another, lost everything I thought I needed to survive
  64. Did what was right instead of what was easy

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  1. Monica says:

    🙂 And you are a damn fine man! In every meaning of that word… 🙂

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