Shout Outs to the Stork Video Supporters

I am grateful for my friends who took the time to either send in a video testimonial or let me record them for the Stork promo video. Here is a little bit more about them, in order of appearance.

Kristina Arntson – Kristina is one of the kindest people I know. She has her own acupuncture practice where she also offers adjunctive therapies including cranio sacral, massage, direct moxibustion, and nutrition. She can be found on Facebook here.

Marc Majcher – Marc is a busy guy. When he isn’t doing improv at the Hideout Theater or designing games under the Gizmet Gameworks label, he is cranking out code, which he will happily do for those inclined to pay him.

Kris Umlauf – The lovely Kris hosts fantastic parties and will give you the lowdown on restaurants all around Austin.

Reed Oliver – Reed is the front man for World Racketeering Squad, Austin’s┬ápremiere┬áproducer of nerdwave tunes. Go check out one of their shows and/or buy their album!

Thanks again, folks!

One Comment on "Shout Outs to the Stork Video Supporters"

  1. luckygirlkris says:

    Drey, thanks for letting me participate in such a fun and rewarding project!

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