Fantastic Fest 2012

  1. Cloud Atlas
  2. Holy Motors
  3. Antiviral
  4. American Mary
  5. Tower Block
  6. Wrong
  7. Black Out
  8. Aftershock
  9. Lee’s Adventure
  10. Flicker
  11. Bring Me the Head of Machine Gun Woman
  12. The ABC’s of Death
  13. Fuck Up
  14. Outrage Beyond
  15. Tai Chi 0
  16. The Warped Forest
  17. Come Out and Play

2 Comments on "Fantastic Fest 2012"

  1. Jeff says:

    I am seeing trailers for Cloud Atlas on TV now… Looks really good.

    Earlier this year, I attended a 48 Hour Film Project screening. Each movie was only 5 or so minutes long, and you never knew what you were going to see next. Sort of like reading a short story anthology.

    Some of the movies were pretty bad, but many were surprisingly good. The audience had a blast, and I would recommend that you check out the Austin one next year (if you haven’t already gone to one).

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